IDS Leuven, 29-10-2023

Nice results today at IDS Leuven! 29-10-2023

UptempoBenjamin vdTortelduif, Champion class male 4 vg

 Upbeat Moira v.d. Tortelduif,open class female 1EXC,resCAC CACIB.


RamblingLucy v.d. Tortelduif,Champion class female 1 EXC,CAC CACIB BOB.

Breedjudge mr Klaus Strack,thank you for your kind judging.
Handling Anouck van Ooijen and Lisa Dior,well done girls,great work!

32th int. Dogshow Bleiswijk, 22-10-2023

Some days are better then other days….

Over the moon with our results at the 32th int. Dogshow Bleiswijk!

Championclass male, Uptempo Benjamin v.d. Tortelduif, 1 ZG…..🙈our silly boy lost his coat in the last couple of weeks, so we had to show him in his underwear… no luck for Ben. Don’t worry my lovely, it will grow 😂



Intermediair class female, Very Cute Clementine v.d. Tortelduif, 1 EXC, CAC CACIB, BOB.


Championclass female, Upbeat Chloë v.d. Tortelduif, 1 EXC.

So Clem went to the ring of honour, and made us all so proud by winning group 10!!!
Breed judge and group judge Mr. W. Buitenkamp (nl) thank you for thinking so highly of our hounds, especially Clemmie!

Thank you and so well done Anouck van Ooijen, we are so proud! And thank you Claudia Oudenaarden for helping us!

Huck Coursing 10-10-2023

Huckje mocht zaterdag weer mee met zijn grote vriendin Daniëlle van Ee-Muijen. Helaas was hij de enige ier, maar voor Huck maakt dat niet uit, als hij maar kan gaan!

Junior and Veteranday of the Irish Wolfhound Club Belgium, 2-10-2023

A lovely day at the Junior and Veteranday of the Irish Wolfhound Club Belgium.
First of all thank you to the IWCB for organising such a lovely show!

Nevel v.d. Tortelduif, Veteran class female, 1 EXC, Best Veteran. 

Very Amiable Boyd v.d. Tortelduif, Intermediair class male, VG.

Pierce v.d. Tortelduif, Senior class male, 2 EXC.

Very Cute Clementine v.d. Tortelduif, Intermediair class female, 4 EXC.


Very Gentle Monroe v.d. Tortelduif, intermediair class female, 3 EXC.

Proudmolly v.d. Tortelduif, Senior class female, 1 EXC.

judge Mrs. Mandy Addington, UK. Thank you for your kind and friendly judging.
Very proud of the girls Anouck van Ooijen, Joeke van Zoelen and Lisa Dior, wonderful handling!
Thank you Daniëlle van Ee-Muijen and Claudia Oudenaarden, friends forever ❤
We had a lovely day, with lots of friends visiting Johan Claus, Sarah Claus, Nel van Lith, after all those years, you guys belong to our family!
lovely pics by Jos van Oostrum and Clemens Bosman

Noekje 13-05-2014 – 29-09-2023

Noekje    13-05-2014     /    29-09-2023

Sad, but with a smile for all the beautiful memories she left us, we celebrate the life of Noek v.d. Tortelduif.
A beautiful girl she was, inside and outside. Always loving and happy, and always the first in the conga line for whatever food or treats where served.
She gave us a beautiful litter, and was the most devoted mum.
Also she had a brilliant show career, of wich iam so proud.
she leaves with a big part of my heart, my best girl, and will be missed by all of us.