Huck Coursing 10-10-2023

Huckje mocht zaterdag weer mee met zijn grote vriendin Daniëlle van Ee-Muijen. Helaas was hij de enige ier, maar voor Huck maakt dat niet uit, als hij maar kan gaan!

Internationale Coursing WWRV te Geel, 15-7-2023

Internationale Coursing WWRV te Geel.
Huck, Annie and River (aka Floor) made us proud again today!

9 irish wolfhounds where entered today.

Thinking of Annie v.d. Tortelduif BOB, CACIL+CACBL

TrojanHuckleberry v.d. Tortelduif BOS

River v.d. Tortelduif 7th

Superproud of all! Fun was had by all, they had a great day.

Thank you Daniëlle van Ee-Muijen for taking Huck and Annie, and giving them the time of their life!

Annie van Denderen ❤


Coursing Huck & Annie 11-6-2023

Annie and Huckje had a superweekend. Coursing, and sleepover with their favorite person Daniëlle van Ee-Muijen!
Huckje beat his sister again, but both did a great job!
all credits to Danielle and these 2 super troopers!
beautiful coursing pics by Elles Dijkman!
Annie van Denderen ❤️


Pinkstercoursing Annie en Huck 28-5-2023

Very proud of the results of the Pinkstercoursing!
Trojanhuckleberry vd Tortelduif, 1th, CACNL!!!
Thinking of Annie v.d Tortelduif, 2th.
River vd Tortelduif 3th.
Thank you Daniëlle van Ee-Muijen for making this possible, Annie and Huck had a great time!
Annie van Denderen ❤️