52e Internationale Rassehunde Ausstellung Lingen 14-05-2022

52e Internationale Rassehunde Ausstellung Lingen 2022.
Uptempo Benjamin v.d. Tortelduif, youthclass male 2 EXC.

RunningJacob v.d. Tortelduif, Championclass male, 1 EXC, best male, CAC CACIB BOB, BIG 2!

Upbeat Chloë v.d. Tortelduif, youthclass female 1 EXC, VDH CAC.

RoyalMeghann v.d. Tortelduif, Championclass female 1 EXC, CAC CACIB, Best female, BOS.

Breed Judge Mr M. Wibier (nld) thank you for thinking so highly of our hounds!
Group judge Mr. J. Wulteputte honoured Jacob with a 2th place in group 10!

As always: very proud of our 2 handlers Anouck van Ooijen and Lisa Dior, great job!
And thank you Eddy and Bianca for keeping the girls company at the ring of honour.