Dogshow Zwolle, 9-9-2023

Very happy with our results at Dogshow Zwolle.

Uptempo Benjamin v.d. Tortelduif, open class male, 1 EXC, BOB CAC.


Very Cute Clementine v.d. Tortelduif, intermediair class female, 1 EXC, BOS CAC.


Upbeat Moira v.d. Tortelduif, open class female 1 EXC, res CAC


Upbeat Chloè v.d. Tortelduif, open class female 3 EXC.


judge: Mrs Tanya Ahlman/Stockmari (FI) thank you for thinking so highly of our young hounds!
Perfect handling as always Anouck van Ooijen and Lisa Dior,
thank you Simone Kuiper for taking the lolvey pics!