Golden Dog trophy, 23-07-2022

Golden Dog trophy, 23-07-2022
RunningJacob v.d. Tortelduif, Championclass male, 1 EXC, BOB, CAC CACIB. Today Jacob finished his Belgium Championship, pending confirmation!

Very Cute Clementine v.d. Tortelduif, Puppyclass female 1 Very Promising, Best Puppy.

Upbeat Moira v.d. Tortelduif, Youthclass female, 1 EXC, BOS!!

breed judge Mrs Anca Giura (RO), thank you for thinking so highly of our hounds!

In the ring of Honour Jacob became 3th of group 10!
Group judge mr B Sanchez Garcia (ES), thank you for thinking so highly of our Jacob.
As always so very proud of Anouck and Lisa, Best Handlers ever! And a big thank you to Joeke and Cheyenne for taking such good care of everyone at home!