In Memoriam Vejgari Passion…. 15-12-2022

Today we celebrate the life of Vejgari Passion ❤

From the day of her arrival at 15 weeks, she was a loved member of our family. Passion was a strong and independent girl, with a mind of her own. Funny, loud and fast she was. She loved to run around, and bark like mad, she prefered sleeping on her back all the time, and loved to come with us for walkies. Dogshows she hated, and that is why I did not show her after she became Dutch Champion. She was a great mum, she gave us beautiful puppies, and in them she will be remembered, they all have her beautiful brown eyes, with the same naughty look.
Passion died a week after major surgery, a spleenectomie. she faught like hell, but her body couldn’t recover.
We will miss her dearly. She leaves nothing but silence, and lovely memories.
thank you Tatjana Podolaka, for this lovely girl ❤