Mechelen- St. Rombouts Trophy  19-8-2023

Mechelen- St. Rombouts Trophy 
Very proud of brother and sister Trojan Huckleberry v.d. Tortelduif, and Thinking of Annie v.d. Tortelduif!

Huck: Championclass male, 1 EXC, BOS CAC CACIB

Annie: Open Class female, 1 EXC, BOB CAC CACIB


Best COUPLE/Brace in show!!!


Breed Judge Mr. B. Scheerens, Thank you for thinking so highly of both hounds!
Brace Judge Mw. Eva de Winne, Thank you for thinking so highly of Annie and Huck!
Anouck van Ooijen and Lisa Dior, great job, very proud of you both, as always!

Annie van Denderen ❤