Neok en Nevel Veteranen Kampioenen & Nevel Grand Champion! 16-9-2022

Noek and Nevel v.d. Tortelduif, my 2 beautiful veteran sisters, both Dutch Veteran Champion!!!

Both girls did very well in their young years, Dutch, Belgium and International Champion. And Noek became Danisch Veteran Champion just a month ago. At this years Windsor dogshow Nevel was given the RCC, on veteran class!
Nevel had 2 litters and Noek 1, and we are very proud of their offspring. Both are grandmothers now of again very lovely hounds.

They are enyoing their veteran status, wich to them means they are allowed basically anything, including pulling on the leash, stealing food, and commanding attention, and still are Good Cop (noekje) and Bad Cop (nevel).


Nevel Grand Champion!So proud of my 2 veteran girls! Nevel has become Grand Champion, a title given by the dutch kennelclub to dogs who are Dutch junior Champion, Dutch Champion, and Veteran Champion. Noekje is Dutch Champion, and Dutch Veteran Champion, she missed the junior title, so she won’t be Grand Champion officially, but to us she certainly is!

Every day I realize how blessed we are, having two beautiful happy veteran girls!