Puppy voorstelrondje 20-2-2022

Bruin / Brown
A big girl, very straight forward. a woman with a mission, always.

Geel / Yellow
The smallest puppy at birth, but she made up for that very quickly, she never stops eating

Grey / Grijs
One of the boys, take it easy, and just keep eating…

Groen /Green
A girl with a voice, haha, she is a good singer

Licht blauw / LightBleu
After being nursed by mom, she separates herself to a corner of the room to go to the bathroom, all by herself. A girl needs her privacy…

Oranje / Orange
Happy camper girly, not a worry in the world

Purple / Paars
She hates her collar, form day one. Guess who is the only puppy without her collar? I don’t know how, but she takes it of, no matter what

Roze / Pink
Sweety pie, all over

Zalm / Salmon
fast and happy, she loves to run, haha, not very easy at this age, but she manages it very nice

Black / Zwart
Boy number 2, he likes being surrounded by his sisters, always