Rust zacht lieve Ben….. 21-5-2024

Where to start……
The last couple of weeks our Ben showed signs of fatigue, and he coughed a bit. I had him checked out, and x rays showed a mass of some kind. He had surgery this morning, and there was cancer in his spleen, liver and kidneys. We did not wake him up, obviously, there was nothing we could have done.
Ch. Uptempo Benjamin v.d. Tortelduif, dob 24-04-2021- 21-05-2024
Ben, Benja, Benneke, BabyBen, BigBen, this special boy touched so many hearts of so many people, we have to remember him with a smile. He had a rough start, being a singleton baby, refused by his mum. But i worked and cared the best i could, and he grew up to be a fine, big young man, sweet, naughty, and full of life. Loved by all. Looking at all his pics, and believe me, i have many, it all comes back to me. My special child is gone…..

We will look up to the sky, and love to think he is in the best company in heaven.